Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Project 2: A place for 12 twigs

For the second project we were asked to create a place/sanctuary/box/etc. for 12 specific twigs that we picked out, using only paper and one binding agent of our choice.
I started with this strange collage on my parti that represented how I wanted a lack of anything organic, I wanted this industrial, man-made look to be created somehow...
So, I had this concept/idea of the twigs making something on their own, in other words the twigs would be the main structure, not the materials. I wanted the twigs to become something other than twigs. I wanted to use their natural shape to create some "unnatural" forms. I divided my 12 twigs into four groups of three wired together, and arranged them in a gradual sequence. The smallest group has the most slender and dainty twigs and the wire is relatively close to the bottom, they all move up from this. I arranged them in order to create certain intentional gestures, I bound them together several times before I was satisfied with each shape. This project was challenging but I ended up really enjoying it.  Final:

After the final critique and comments I heard, I realized my project was semi-illegal because I didn't use any paper! I read the "only" on the project sheet as what was allowed, not what was required. I also had the idea somewhere along the line of evolution of my project that painted twigs would really show my idea of the natural turning unnatural in a really cool way. However, with the above stated rules I thought that would be illegal so I ditched it.
After the final critique I realized how much I  like these forms that I made but I didn't feel completely satisfied. So I decided to stick with my plan and I came up with a humorous solution to do what I wanted without being too much more "illegal"; I painted them with liquid paper instead of paint! The liquid paper is stark white and it gives them the exact effect that I wanted. Here is a the smallest of the four painted:

Observational Sketchbook

My best twig drawing was done in the studio on September 14. I spent about 20 minutes on it. The bright overhead lighting created these harsh shadows.
The best leaf drawing that I did was done at home on my back porch. We have this beautiful weeping willow tree, which is my absolute favorite type of tree. I think I did a good job capturing the differences in texture between the dead and alive leaves on this small branch that I found on the ground.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Project 1: Leaf place

For project one we were asked to create a "place" for a leaf using a 12.5 x 12.5 piece of white paper only. Upon reading the project sheet over a few times I felt both cocky and confused. Paper seemed like an easy enough material to use, and I had a lot of ideas to start with. I quickly found out how frustrated I could come with simple white paper though. I abandoned several prospects before I decided on the twisted strips composition. I got inspired by the organic shapes of the leaf itself and I wanted to manipulate the paper in some way other than simple folding and cutting.